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Will the heat pump heat all of my house?

The heat demand of your property is calculated to ensure that the heat pump is adequately sized to heat all of your home and all of your hot water, all year round.

Will my house be hot enough even on very cold days?

A correctly sized heat pump is powerful enough to heat your house and hot water even on very cold days with temperatures as low as -20ºC. No secondary heating system is required. Nordic countries such as Finland, Norway, Sweden have been installing heat pumps for many years particularly in their ski resorts.

Will I have plenty of hot water?

Your hot water needs are calculated to select the correct size of cylinder for your family giving you plenty of hot water at your chosen temperature up to 65ºC.

Are heat pumps noisy?

We only work with and specify leading industry brands such as Daikin, Dimplex and Kensa. Their heat pumps are no nosier than a fridge.

How much do they cost to run?

Heat pumps are typically cheaper than LPG and usually significantly cheaper than oil or electric heating.

Will I need to change my radiators?

If your radiators are adequately sized for the room and you have chosen a high temperature heat pump, you will not need to change them.

How long is the guarantee on a heat pump?

Typically 3 years but there are options to extend to 7 years. Heat pumps are very low maintenance compared to boilers.